There are two different licenses available, Wizefloor Create and Wizefloor Play. Wizefloor Play comes with 50 or 100 ready-made games. Wizefloor Create allows users to create up to 1000 games via the online portal using any of the 25 templates.

Yes, Wizefloor has a library of ready-to-play games and activities. What's more, when a game or activity is created, users have the opportunity to share these with other users via the Wizefloor community. 

The Play package requires a one-off payment and includes 50 or 100 ready-to-play games and activities. The Create package is subscription-based and provides the flexibility to edit and customise up to 1000 games and activities. 

The Wizefloor Create Studio is a web-based portal that you will have access to when purchasing a Wizefloor Create package. In the Create Studio, you can start designing and editing your own games and activities with images, illustrations, text, and more. It's quick and easy to theme games and activities to suit lessons, seasonal holidays, themes, and more.

The Wizefloor community allows users to search for games and activities created by other Wizefloor users using keywords such as KS1 science or multiplication. These games can then be added to your own Wizefloor for future use.

Games are created using a number of ‘apps’ which each underpin many thousands of different games and activities, however, the subject, content, and difficulty can all be customised making Wizefloor suitable for any age group and any ability.

The Wizefloor community includes thousands of ready-to-play activities and with the Create package, each one can also be easily adapted to suit your intended application and users. You can also create new games and activities from scratch, and this is made simple and quick using the cloud-based Wizefloor Create studio from any internet-connected device. 

The Wizefloor One, Go and Pro both use the same remote control to activate the floor, adjust the volume, etc. Once powered on, the Wizefloor will automatically launch to the main menu and be ready for users to play games.

This largely depends on the environment (i.e. the room/space in which you intend to use Wizefloor), the ceiling height (for fixed-install solutions), and the model you choose. Typically floors are between 1.5 and 4 metres wide with the optimum size being around 3m wide however we have examples of smaller floors and larger ones too!

As a rough guide, using the Wizefloor One you can expect to achieve a 2.5m wide image from a height of 3m above the floor, or a 3m wide image from 3.5m above the floor.

The Wizefloor Pro offers a greater range of floor sizes by selecting an appropriate projector to achieve the desired floor size from the available height. The Wizefloor Go will typically achieve a floor size of up to 1.75m wide.


The majority of Wizefloor games are designed for use by up to 4 players/teams at any one time with some games allowing for an infinite number of players to take part. Wizefloor promotes and develops teamwork, turn-taking, and communication skills among players.

Games and activities are created using the Wizefloor Create Studio, accessible from any internet-connected device. Using one of the 25 templates, users follow step-by-step instructions to create bespoke games which are ready to play in minutes.

Wizefloor is available in both fixed or fully mobile solutions and there really are some advantages to each type.

Fixed install solutions generally offer larger floor sizes and allow you to create a space optimised for interactive floor use. They usually offer optimum tracking performance due to the camera being located directly overhead, and the shadows created by users are minimal.

Mobile solutions offer more flexibility as the unit can be moved between rooms, and even different locations entirely. The Wizefloor Go, is also height adjustable which provides flexibility in terms of floor size but does introduce some limits on the maximum floor size which can be achieved, and the angle of projection does also create some additional shadowing by users on the floor.

If you’re looking to create a dedicated interactive space, or are looking to add an interactive floor to a sensory room or other specific location then fixed install is definitely the way to go but if you need flexibility in terms of where you will use the floor, then the Wizefloor Go is the option for you. 

Yes, it is possible to upgrade a Wizefloor One to a mobile Wizefloor Go solution afterward if mobility is required at a later date.

This really depends on a few factors including your intended application, environment, and installation experience. The Wizefloor One is an all-in-one, self-contained solution that can be self-installed by any competent person. It offers a cost-effective option with a fixed throw ratio (meaning image size is directly proportional to the installation height) and is suitable for everyday use (recommended for up to 8 hours per day, 1-2 hr sessions with breaks in between). Suitable for use in classrooms, nurseries, and other spaces where continuous operation isn’t necessarily required and with regular ceiling heights. 

The Wizefloor Pro features a universal mount allowing it to be paired with any suitable projector offering maximum flexibility on throw ratio (and consequently floor size), brightness, and other variables. Pair the pro with low or zero-maintenance projectors such as laser makes it the perfect choice for more demanding applications and requirements such as museums, public and leisure spaces, etc., or where higher brightness or continuous operation may be required.

For customers in the UK, both models can be supplied for self-install or as a fully installed solution. Please contact us for further information or assistance in selecting the correct model for you – our specialists will be happy to help.

Yes, we can provide both remote and in-person demonstrations of Wizefloor depending on your location and requirements.

Please contact us to request a demonstration and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Wizefloor can be operated via several different methods. Wizefloor One, Go, and Pro units are all supplied with a convenient remote control that provides basic operation such as power on/off, volume, and calibration functions.

Games and activities can be selected and controlled via the floor itself (using your feet to navigate and select interactively), or by an operator/administrator using a wireless keyboard. Games and activities can also be started remotely via the Wizefloor web-app which can be accessed on almost any internet-connected device.

Games and activities can be started in one of two ways. Using the on-floor menu system with hand or foot gestures or via the Wizefloor Create studio on any internet-connected device.

For customers in the UK, Wizefloor One and Pro can be supplied for self-install, or we can provide an installation service for an additional cost. Wizefloor Go being a mobile solution, does not require a physical installation. Please contact us to discuss which option is right for you.

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