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Children tend to retain knowledge better when they are both active and having fun. Wizefloor is an enjoyable, engaging, and energetic way to reinforce in-class learning, through puzzles, quizzes, challenges, and more, which can be solved in small teams, or individually. Designed primarily for education at key stages 1 and 2, as well as nursery and SEND.


benefits of wizefloor

Wizefloor is designed specifically for education, providing a cross-curricular interactive learning resource. Wizefloor helps to get pupils up, active and engaged in their education.

why choose Wizefloor for education?


Create, adapt, and theme games and activities to suit different subjects, ages, and abilities.


Ensure your students are energised, engaged, and collaborating with one another by working together to complete challenges and activities.


Quick and easy to set up and use - simply switch Wizefloor on, and the unit will automatically calibrate ready for use.


Choose from hundreds of existing games and activities via the Wizefloor community.