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play package

Wizefloor ready-to-play games and activities suit a range of ages, subjects, and abilities. One-off purchase - no subscription fees!

create package

Design, adapt and share games and activities to suit any age, subject and ability with the ‘create’ package.

games galore

Check out just some of the games and activities available in our Play package. Whether Wizefloor is used as an educational tool, or a way to entertain and have fun, Wizefloor has games and activities available to suit all subjects, ages, and abilities. If you need something specific, it's easy to create your own!

  • Pop ballons for fun, spell words or practice your multiplication tables.

  • Try and score against your opponent in a game of football.

  • Test your knowledge with a quiz that has two to four possible answers.

  • Practice your multiplications table while working in a jewel mine!

  • Line up the cannon and save the town from pirates! Place different types of numbers, from decimals to fractions and more.

  • Memorise and match cards, perfect for two to four teams.

  • Play a tune on the piano!

  • Practice your mathematics skill and create geometric shapes. Learn more about areas, angles and lengths through this interactive game.

  • Practice spelling words by jumping from one stone to another. Don't forget to return to your base when you've done!