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adult social care

Bring outside activities, new experiences, and happy memories into care facilities and community spaces with Wizefloor. An enjoyable way to keep people active and engaged with friends, relatives, and carers, whilst promoting movement and mental acuity. Interactive games and activities can be played from a standing, or seated position, making Wizefloor suitable for people with different levels of mobility.

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what are the benefits?

Wizefloor can help to stimulate memory function, improve focus and cognitive ability, and promotes social interaction, movement, and enjoyment.

why choose wizefloor?


Games and activities can be adapted and personalised with family photos, memories and themed to suit holidays, seasons, events, and much more.


Access hundreds of games created by other users in the Wizefloor community and share your own creations with the Create package.


Provide a healthy, hygienic, and social space for residents by using Wizefloor to encourage activity and movement, social interaction, and participation.


Choose from our range of Wizefloor models (One, Go, and Pro) to suit existing spaces and intended use.