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special educational needs & disabilities

Encourage movement and interaction, whilst aiding communication and social skills with a wide range of sensory activities. Interactive visual effects, such as water ripples, reveals and trails are projected on to a floor, or table, creating captivating and calming sensory experiences. Easily incorporate Wizefloor into your existing spaces, or sensory and immersive rooms.


what are the benefits?

Wizefloor is designed to support differentiated learning styles and encourage movement, play, and exploration. A range of mesmerising visual effects, sounds, and activities respond to movement, touch, and soft play items, providing sensory stimulation for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

why choose wizefloor?


Play, create, and share a variety of educational and engaging games and activities to suit different ages, abilities, and subjects via the Wizefloor Create studio.


Choose your preferred model to suit your specific needs and requirements, with ceiling-mounted, mobile, and professional installation options.


Wizefloor is already installed and used in hundreds of organisations worldwide, including many SEND schools.


Wizefloor is quick, easy, and convenient to set up and use. Simply switch Wizefloor on and the unit will automatically calibrate, ready for use.