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health & rehabilitation

No matter where patients are on their road to recovery, Wizefloor can bring joy, comfort, and companionship into their lives. They can play a diverse range of fun and engaging games and activities individually or with others, from a seated or standing position (at a floor or table), to suit people with different health conditions and mobility. With the Create package, it is also possible to quickly customise Wizefloor apps to theme games for holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, bringing joy and amusement at times when patients may feel the most secluded and isolated.


what are the benefits?

Wizefloor provides patients, clients, and staff with a fun and engaging interactive resource, suitable for a range of ages, abilities, and recovery stages. As well as providing entertainment, Wizefloor encourages gentle movement, and activity and helps to engage the mind with quizzes, memory games, challenges, and much more.

why choose wizefloor?


Quickly and easily theme games and activities with visuals and text to match holidays, seasons, celebrations, events, and much more.


Access hundreds of games created by other users in the Wizefloor community and share your own creations with the Create package.


Provide a healthy, hygienic, and social space for patients and clients by using Wizefloor to encourage activity and movement, social interaction, and participation.


Choose from our range of Wizefloor models (One, Go, and Pro) to suit existing spaces and intended use.