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Wizefloor is a great addition to any charity and community space, especially for children, allowing them to have fun, relax and unwind. With a host of exciting and intriguing games, activities, challenges and visual effects, Wizefloor has something for everyone. Encourage exploration, interaction, movement and collaboration with apps to suit different ages and abilities. Even customise your own for celebrations, holidays, parties and more!

woman with 'volunteer' on t-shirt with arms up surrounded by squiggles and icons from the wizefloor

what are the benefits?

Provide fun and fascinating interactive entertainment for children, families and friends. Choose from a variety of exciting and enjoyable games to play together, or individually. Wizefloor activities can also be themed to suit any holiday, party or occasion. Simple to install and easy to use, WizeFfoor can be added to most existing spaces. Transform conventional children’s areas into fun, entertaining and healthy interactive zones!

why choose wizefloor?


Easily customise games and activities with images and text to suit holidays, seasons, party themes, events, and much more.


Access hundreds of games created by other users in the Wizefloor community and share your own creations with the Create package.


Provides healthy entertainment for all ages and abilities, making it great for family fun time.


Choose from our range of Wizefloor models (One, Go, and Pro) to suit your existing spaces and intended use.